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We strive to change the way energy is being used by sharing our learnings. All we develop is for others to implement.
{} Vision
It starts with imagining what is possible
Foundation⁰ was founded from the belief that we can reinvent how to harness energy and the way we use it. Through that, we want to be a catalyst for change. The aim of the foundation is to offer practical solutions and novel ideas that result in creating something new, and to share those developments on an open-source basis so all may benefit as we search for solutions. This means thinking in terms of possibilities.
It means imagining new approaches, methods and technologies. In short, it involves innovating across all systems in a holistic approach that turns every separate element into a part of a fully-functioning, streamlined whole. Our team works on various projects that combine existing and newly developed sustainable energy technologies into installations with practical applications in different environments.

On a beautiful piece of land, in the midst of the winefields, we are developing a farm including a state of the art glass house. The goal is to follow and encourage new standards in viticulture and organic farming and sustainable energy, support local initiatives and universities and inspire others along the way. Our ambition is to facilitate the transition to resilient and diversified agricultural production systems.

In an old historical city center, we are re-building a 18th century building by implementing all possible sustainable technological solutions to manage energy usage. Together with monumentally skilled architects, engineers and various advisors we are creating an operational office with zero gas usage, while maintaining the historical character of the original drawings.

Foundation⁰ is developing the world’s first zero-emission sailboat of its kind. We want to show that this is possible without compromising on aesthetics and comfort. This requires rethinking fundamental issues regarding propulsion, cooling systems and energy management. However, the boat is not the main product. By sharing what we learn along the way and developing everything open-source, we aim to have a positive impact on the marine industry.


New sustainable technology is applied, tested and reviewed in an ongoing process in the marine environment, in a city center office building and in an agricultural environment.

{} Methodology
{ Energy

Examples include the development of hybrid solar panels that harvest both electrical and thermal energy from the sun simultaneously, technologies for harvesting geothermal energy and the implementation of boat propellers that act as hydro generators when sailing.

Storage of energy is a major challenge in many applications. Foundation⁰ is working on a number of ways to store energy locally, using state of the art batteries but also developing ways of directly storing thermal energy efficiently, avoiding conversion losses in many applications.

In all projects, Foundation⁰ aims to cut down energy demand significantly by applying new technologies in efficient and smart designs, and reducing energy losses by optimizing insulation and applying heat recovery systems.

We constantly strive for optimal efficiency by monitoring and actively managing energy flows in the systems we build. To this end, we develop IT solutions and software that enables more efficient use of technology.


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