Creating a combined propulsion and hydro generation system – the journey to success

Foundation Zero is building open-source, sustainable energy solutions, of which all data will be shared to inspire further innovations for implementation in either land or marine-based environments.

Created by a team of impact investors, Foundation Zero works with system engineers, marine engineers, builders, physicists, computer and data scientists, project managers, designers, battery specialists, and cutting-edge architects to revolutionize sustainability.

One of its key projects - Project Zero – is focussed on the development of a sail yacht that is entirely independent on the use of fossil fuels in its operation. To achieve this it is powered solely by renewable energy, harvesting heat and electricity from the sun and collecting the energy that is generated by sailing.

This case study specifically focuses on the latter, hydro generation, and explores how Foundation Zero and its partners created a marine energy system that is capable of both propulsion and producing energy from water flow.


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The Netherlands
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