The sailboat

By Marnix Hoekstra
Marnix Hoekstra
The Zero sail boat opens the door to fresh perspectives and ushers in collective thought. The mission of Foundation⁰ is to break free of the now and identify a more courageous future. To create a new reality and manifestly prove that a zero-emission sailing boat can be built. Ecological in both consumption and production, she goes beyond the boundaries of design, naval architecture and engineering, where comfort levels are high and environmental impact is low. Harnessing three forms of sustainable energy – hydro, solar and wind – Zero is a bid to change the direction of global marine travel.

Design and philosophy

Defined by flowing, fluid lines and organic shapes, her design captures wildlife’s inherent ability to travel freely. Svelte and lightweight, when under sail the boat propels through water without a trace while harvesting electrical energy with her eye-pleasing classical lines hiding a wealth of intricate details.

Before her keel was laid in September 2022, Zero had undergone intensive R&D and transitioned through numerous prototypes, using an existing fleet as a live test bed to trial all methods. More than a vessel, Zero will serve as a platform for scientists and researchers to further the efforts of ocean conservation. Zero fossil fuel. Zero emissions. Zero compromise.

Innovations in energy

The sail boat holds high density lithium-ion and PCM salt batteries that are calculated for storing five megawatt hours of energy. That’s the battery equivalent of 88 Tesla cars. Harvesting of energy comes from hydro generators, a wind turbine and 100m2 of hybrid solar panels which harness both electrical and thermal energy at an efficiency of 60%.

If ever there was a boat that could change the status quo, this is it. From inside out, Zero puts creativity to the fore and leaves the rule book in its wake.

Marnix Hoekstra
Creative DirectorVripack Design

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